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Welcome to the Target Organics Hub

Visit this site often as we continuously add tools, including:

This site is created to build compost infrastructure in the U.S. by providing tools to communities to plan, attract, open and successfully run compost facilities, and market the compost that is produced. These resources are developed as a result of two years of surveys and planning, from stakeholders and partners across the US Composting Council’s communities and committees.

  • updated state model rules for compost permitting
  • local zoning templates
  • economic studies
  • educational campaigns

We are grateful to all the members of our committees, our partners and especially the Corporate  Compost Leadership Council for making this rich hub of resources possible.

Collection Program Evaluation and Ongoing Education

After the program has launched, there is a need to continuously evaluate the following metrics to determine the success of your program. A little more detail on each of these continuous evaluation metrics are described below:

Marketing Finished Compost

Marketing finished compost is important to make money for the organization, make room on the pad for new feedstocks, and maintain good community relations with both the facility and the industry. When the public values the final product, compost will be the gold standard throughout the cycle, for both disposing of organics, and as a soil amendment. A good marketing plan for compost must demonstrate the benefits of and applications for compost to compete successfully with other soil products in the specific areas it will be sold and used.

This site is brought to you by the Corporate Compost Leadership Council

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