Food Scrap Composting in YOUR Community Starts HERE.

Composting food scraps supports goals for healthy soils, reduces carbon emissions, and diverts organics from landfills.

Whether your community already has yard waste composting and is scaling to include food waste or you’re looking to establish a new food waste composting facility or community composing site in your area, Target Organics is your resource Hub!

Use this Hub of tools and resources to successfully plan, open, and operate a food scraps-accepting compost facility and strategically market the final compost product.

The Importance of Compost & Composting

Why Bring Food Scrap Composting To Your Community?

Climate Solutions
• Reduce GHG emissions
• Increase drought resilience
• Prevent erosion during extreme storm events
• Sequester carbon

Local Solutions
• Reduce waste infrastructure burdens  
• Reduce synthetic chemical land applications 
• Support local jobs and businesses 

Healthy Soil Solutions
• Improve growing environments with better soil structure, porosity, and density
• Feed soil with macro and micro nutrients
• Supply beneficial microorganisms and organic matter to soil

Where is Your Municipality in its Journey?

“We’re just beginning.”
  • We do not yet have a private or public food scraps composting program
  • We need to persuade policymakers and/or municipal/county staff
  • We need a basic understanding to educate our community about reasons for composting

Head to the Compost 101 section to learn the basics!

“We understand composting; we’re ready to set up a program!”
  • We need to figure out what fits our community
  • We need to figure out how much food scrap is in our community
  • We need to find a place to take the food scrap for composting
  • We need to figure out budgets

Check out the Planning section for steps to take

“Our community doesn’t have a facility nearby. What do we do next?”
  • How do we know if our community is prepared to attract a compost facility?
  • I want to establish a compost facility, either for my city/county or a private one
  • We need to know what setting up a facility will involve

Learn about what you need to consider in the Site Development section.

“We have a program and facilities but we are afraid of contamination and confusion about what people put in the bin.”
  • I want to know  best practices for educating to keep out contamination
  • We want to take compostable products. Where do we start?
  • How do we measure our success?

Find the answers to these questions in the Outreach section.

“We want to know more about what to do with the compost that comes from our facility and our program.”
  • Should we sell or give away our product?
  • We want to be sure our product is good for gardens and other uses
  • What are different uses for compost?

The Compost Market section is the place for information on compost as a product.

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