• Posters: Compost Impacts More than You Think.

    Composting protects the soil and climate while creating jobs. Learn how in this series of posters, available in a variety of formats for easy sharing and distribution.

  • A Users Guide to Compost

    Compost is a natural amendment for your lawn or garden, and can be used regularly to enrich your soil. This guide is designed to help understand what compost is and ot get the most from the compost that you buy.

  • Community Toolkit

    Adding Food Waste to a Yard Trimmings Compost Facility This resource was developed to help municipal operators considering adding food waste to yard trimmings composting sites. This toolkit helps operators determine whether introducing food waste to their operation is a good fit. Topics covered include: why an operation may want…

  • PreTreatment of Organic Materials for Composting

    Review the USCC’s equipment directory for the difference between pre-treatment options and in-vessel and outdoor compost equipment. Learn the difference between dehydration, curing and pretreatment. CalRecycle has an excellent resource: https://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/organics/food/commercial/dehydrators The Composting Collaborative developed a grant-funded directory of companies providing pre-treatment (in many cases, prior to curing) compost equipment…

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