• Various Compost Use Applications

    View a series of videos on various compost use applications to understand better the many options for compost markets.

  • Compost Operator Guidebook

    This document, prepared by the Michigan Recycling Coalition, RRS and Michigan EGLE, presents a series of Best Management Practices for Composting which provide technical information and assistance on the operation and management of compost sites, especially those that process yard trimmings and “diminimus” (5% or less) amounts of other organic…

  • In the Public Interest Guide

    A guide put out by In the Public Interest on the structuring of public-private partnerships.

  • Program Implementation Case Studies

    The Natural Resources Defense Council has issued a number of case studies focused on cities who undertook various models of food waste reduction, rescue and composting.

  • How2Compost

     Standardized on-package label that clearly communicates composting instructions

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