Planning For Community Engagement

Stakeholder Acceptance is a Critical Step

An important starting point is engaging the community to get all stakeholders involved and help them understand composting operations, the benefits and potential costs. Plan to educate residents on source separation of organics (SSO) and issues with contamination.

The composting operation should seek to be a good neighbor and operate in harmony with the community. Plan to take and ensure to do the extra steps necessary to be a good neighbor since odor management can be a key issue with surrounding neighbors. Develop a community public relations plan should be considered with initial action items including:

  •  Signage for compost operations with contact information posted at the composting facility entrance

  • An initial postcard mailing with contact information and telephone number

  • Web information to describe how finished compost will be marketed. For example, education at organized events for schools, community activities, about the program and how compost will be sold is encouraged.

A composting facility should be sited (See site development section!) with the necessary space to facilitate the composting operations.

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