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Understanding Composting

Composting takes place in a variety of ways, and you can learn hear about the way the compost industry works in the commercial sector, from small scale to large!

  • What is composting
    Compost is the product manufactured through the controlled aerobic, biological decomposition of biodegradable materials. The product has undergone mesophilic and thermophilic temperatures, which significantly reduces the viability of pathogens and weed seeds (in accordance with EPA 40 CFR 503 standards) and stabilizes the carbon such that it is beneficial to…
  • Why implement organics collection programs and/or composting operations
    Many communities have composting facilities for yard waste. There are several key drivers to municipalities looking to add organics recycling to their existing yard waste programs. Some of these include: Legislation: organics ban Policies: recycling or composting goal, target landfill diversion rate, carbon neutral goals (See REFED Policy Map) Community…
  • What can be composted
    There are a wide variety of items (feedstocks) that can be composted. Determining what to compost in a municipal program is based on a number of factors. Visit the USCC’s STA Feedstocks web page for more information on feedstocks for composting. Leaves Yard Waste (Green Waste) Crop Residues Tree Trimmings…
  • How is compost manufactured
    Making compost is both a science and an art. Manufacturing compost harnesses nature’s ability to break down organic matter into soil using a complex orchestra of microorganisms that include many kinds of fungi, bacteria, and other tiny lifeforms. In order to create the most ideal living conditions for these workhorses,…

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