Water Management Plans

Rainfall (on-site and run-on), stormwater (from structures and on-site roads) and contact water (leachate, wash water) must all be managed both as a resource and a liability. Control systems, such as retention basins or other containment, treatment systems or direct connections to sanitary sewer lines, may be needed to meet regulatory requirements. 

Appropriate management of contact water and stormwater is important at composting facilities. It is critical that each operation is designed, constructed, and managed by knowledgeable professionals in a manner that limits the production of contact water and prevents the contamination of storm water. 

Focus your site design and management on identifying areas of the site where contact water are expected to be generated. Contact water should be directed to an appropriately sized containment, recycling, or treatment system.  Stormwater should be managed via Best Management Practices, consistent with the State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Program. 

Links and Resources:
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