Marketing finished compost is important to make money for the organization, make room on the pad for new feedstocks, and maintain good community relations with both the facility and the industry. Using finished compost is also important to community carbon sequestration goals to mitigate climate change. When compost is applied, the soil’s health increases as microbes grow and multiply. These microbes sequester carbon in the soil through photosynthesis during plant growth.

When the public values the final product, compost will be the gold standard throughout the cycle, for both disposing of organics, for climate benefits, and as a soil amendment. A good marketing plan for compost must demonstrate all of these benefits of and applications for compost to compete successfully with other soil products for the customers to whom it will be sold and used. Different grades of compost are appropriate for specific uses and, in all cases, the compost operator must concentrate on delivery of a consistently high-quality product, that is available in reliable quantities. Establishing a competitive compost selling program provides a huge value to the community, that an educational program may be needed to fully communicate. Details of what should be included in a marketing plan to ensure compost produced will be sold and used are included here.

Compost is best known for its soil enrichment value.

The addition of compost improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils and potting mixes. The use of compost for plant growth purposes requires consideration of factors such as the crop or plant to be grown, type of soil at the site, and specific compost characteristics. Mature, properly produced compost has also been gaining recognition for its ability to bind contaminants from polluted water and soil, control erosion, and degrade toxic chemicals. Between increased research on the benefits of compost as a growth media and interest in its use in bioremediation, the future for compost markets is promising.

Examples of the benefits of compost use:

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