Marketing Personnel

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Communication with your customers is key. If you are in a Public- Private Partnership, make sure communication is clear about who is responsible for selling the finished product.

An experienced salesperson has many skills:
• Communicating in-person

• Using technology

• Creating graphics
Is a salesperson necessary to sell your finished product:
• Prospect for local customers- including retailers, consumers, landscapers, state DOT, Parks & Rec Departments, etc.

• Provide the opportunity to create and perform educational programs to reach these prospective customers.

• Discover the qualities your product needs to be competitive.
Options to consider when marketing your product include:
• Use your in-house marketing staff for more open communication between the employees deciding types of products you create and the sales staff connecting with the needs of your customers.

• Should you hire an outside marketing contractor for tools and knowledge your in-house personnel doesn’t have time to gather.

• Consider working with commercial composting facility in a Public-Private partnership for potentially more experience and dedication to selling the product.

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