Product Certifications

Increase your customer’s confidence in your product through third-party product certifications.

Various types of compost product certifications can be found here:

▪ The nationally recognized branding and logo are available to use for those compost manufacturers who meet the STA program rules. This is an excellent way to build credibility.
▪ Many specifications such as for state Departments of Transportation require the STA Certified Compost designation for its information disclosure, frequent testing, and regulations enforcement.
▪ STA participants are promoted to compost use specifiers through a listing on the USCC website list and map.
▪ Ready-made brochures are available for STA participants to customize with contact information and share with existing and potential customers.
▪ Videos to show specifiers are available in the USCC YouTube page:
▪ The USCC’s Market Development Committee creates tools for STA participants such as their social media starter kit:

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