What Can be Composted?

There are a wide variety of items (feedstocks) that can be composted.

Determining what to compost in a municipal program is based on a number of factors. Visit the USCC’s STA Feedstocks web page for more information on feedstocks for composting.

  1. Leaves
  2. Yard Waste (Green Waste)
  3. Crop Residues
  4. Tree Trimmings (including Storm Debris)
  5. Silviculture Waste
  6. Bovine Manure
  7. Horse Manure
  8. Poultry Manure
  9. Food Scraps
  10. Industrial By-Products
  11. Biosolids
  12. Animal Mortalities
  13. Compostable Products

There can be confusion on the types of products that are compostable. Here are a few resources on certifications and field testing:
Biodegradable Products Institute

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