Develop a Product Brand Specification

Branded promotion and education lead to increased sales.

  • Target a specific audience. Targeting specific market segments should be determined based on type of feedstocks being used, screening and blending capabilities, and market demands.

  • Develop a product identity. Then, be consistent so your customers know what to expect. Developing a product identity should align with your customer’s expectations, including but not limited to:

    ▪ Lack of contamination
    ▪ Feedstock ratios
    ▪ Maturity
    ▪ Sieve sizes
    ▪ Post-composting blend profile

  • Testing analysis. Consider participating in the USCC’s STA Program: utilizing qualified labs to test your finished product will provide proper analysis including the STA Compost Technical Data Sheet.

    ▪ Does this test result show that your product meets the needs of your customers?
    ▪ Do you need to alter any of your production methods to make your product more

  • Develop product utilization guidelines. It’s a simple but effective way to strengthen your product in the marketplace while protecting your business and help ensure clear and correct use of compost products.

  • Develop product branding. Product Branding will help creating stronger product awareness. Establishing a product logo will increase product identity, creating customer awareness and confidence in your product(s).

    ▪ Branding and logos should be determined based on customer and market needs, per the product(s) being marketed.
    ▪ Consider “logoed” giveaway items to help develop awareness of your product(s) such as:
    • Hats, tee-shirts, pens, coffee mugs
    ▪ Create brochures and other point of purchase materials for each product to help educate customers on the benefits of utilizing your compost.
    ▪ Product utilization guidelines. Creating product utilization guidelines will help
    ensure proper application of your compost. This will result in higher satisfaction
    with the results achieved.
    ▪ Compost technical data sheets support product utilization guidelines with lab results.

  • Plan research and demonstration projects. Consider demonstration projects or research programs so your customers will gain a stronger understanding of how our product preforms in various applications.
  • Use testimonials. Obtaining and utilizing customer testimonials will create strong confidence in your products and help increase sales.

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