• Pests and Organics Collection

    One of the most common arguments some use when municipalities are considering adding organics recycling routes and programs is rodents! But it’s also one of the most easily answered, if you simply use logic: organics recycling doesn’t bring new food to rats, mice and other pests—they were already there when…

  • Funding Your Program

    The Institute for Local Self Reliance has gathered information on state surcharges that fund composting (and recycling) programs.

  • Compostable Products

    This is the time to determine if you can accept compostable products. Take these into account if you are collecting food scrap; and be sure you understand compostability and compostable labelling.  In order to learn more, read the USCC’s Compostable Products Decision Guide. Click here to read it!

  • Collection or Consolidation

    Collection alone, or consolidation of collection locations are another way of handling organics collection. These documents feature some element of this process. (This is not an endorsement of the RFPs listed, but serves as an example for drawing up your own procurement documents).

  • Public Private Partnerships

    Municipalities in the Target Organics survey have told us these arrangements-in which a municipality contracts some element of its program out to the private sector—are growing in priority and popularity. They can be win-wins for all partners when constructed well. Here are a few RFPs in this area. (This is…

  • Collection & Processing Combined

    If you’re a municipality who wants to contract with a company for hauling and collection as well as facility operation, these RFPs could be helpful to you. There are USCC members who can help with the entire process. (This is not an endorsement of the RFPs listed, but serves as…

  • Education and Outreach

    Having an expert to design your education program is a plus for municipalities without large public works staff teams. Several have issued bids looking for consultants to design these programs. Refer to these RFPs for ideas about these services. (This is not an endorsement of the RFPs listed, but serves…

  • Facility Design, Operation & Processing

    Most municipalities consult outside engineering firms to design their organics facilities. These businesses can be hired to look at systems, or can be hired to design a chosen system on a site you have already. They will look at your footprint, equipment needed and processing rates to produce end product…

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