Familiarize Yourself with Common Compost Production Equipment Compost processing equipment and infrastructure are regularly some of, if not the largest, capital expenses for a composting facility. A facility’s equipment needs depend on several factors, such as: The stages of the composting process require different types of equipment. Volume Reduction  Volume reduction one of the first […]

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Compostable Products Value

Compostable Products Were Created to Help Keep Food out of Landfill While single-use foodservice ware and packaging is a convenient and cost-effective tool for food safety, transportation, and consumption, it generally ends up in landfills. Because food residues are often inseparable from the packaging it came in, recycling these items are not effective and can

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Collection of Organics

Understanding the local infrastructure and compost site operations can help narrow down how you choose to collect food scraps and other organics. Some questions to answer include: 1. Does the compost site have capacity to accept more materials?  If it is a yard-waste-only compost site, can the facility transition from yard waste (YW) only to

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Public Private Partnerships

An important decision for communities is to consider the business model and level of infrastructure, operational involvement, control and cost they want to undertake if structured as a public utility. Common models for municipal composting programs include: Publicly owned and operated facility Privately owned and operated facility Publicly owned but privately operated facility In a

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Solid Waste Plans

Organics recycling aligns with the vision of sustainable materials management used in many states’ solid waste policy and local municipal solid waste plans, or more commonly known as materials management plans. Materials management plans often use the three principles of sustainability – economic vitality, ecological integrity and improved quality of life – to guide solid

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