Site Development

Permits and Approvals

Regulations regarding compost production vary from state to state; however, many of them follow related solid waste regulations. These regulations are designed to protect public health, safety and the environment and can be a significant part of a facility’s operating cost. Keep these factors in mind when applying for a permit: See USCC’s State Regulations

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Water Management Plans

Rainfall (on-site and run-on), stormwater (from structures and on-site roads) and contact water (leachate, wash water) must all be managed both as a resource and a liability. Control systems, such as retention basins or other containment, treatment systems or direct connections to sanitary sewer lines, may be needed to meet regulatory requirements.  Appropriate management of

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Site Design Objectives

Once an appropriate site and technology have been selected, the following objectives should be prioritized when designing the site: Minimize the amount of material handling, traffic equipment crossing paths and vehicle bottlenecks Ensure separate areas for clean and contaminated materials – clean materials should be sited uphill of new feedstocks/unfinished materials to reduce contamination Provide

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Site Suitability

Evaluate these possible obstacles before choosing your compost site: Incorrectly zoned Located in a floodplain No access to water Inadequate access roads Unbuildable soils Excessive hauling costs Be sure to also evaluate the site in light of environmental justice and ensure your operations won’t negatively impact a neighborhood that has been overburdened with past commercial/industrial

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Site Development Basics

Each municipality will have unique challenges and opportunities in developing a composting site.  A compost site must provide sufficient area and conditions for all-weather composting while limiting environmental risk, odor, and noise. Site development involves creating a plan for finding an acceptable location, adapting the composting method to the site (or vice versa), providing sufficient

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